Driven by Ambition

We Innovate for a Greener Tomorrow

Green Waste Solutions Trading, a company behind the LANDCO brand, stands out as a leader in sustainable waste management, developing solutions that empower modern businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices.

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Innovative Solutions

We Craft Solutions for a Greener Planet

With our signature LANDCO technology, we transform biodegradable waste and wastewater into clean energy, water, and bio-fertilizers, leading environmental innovation. This breakthrough underlines our drive towards sustainable solutions and a greener planet.


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We Are Your Partner in Sustainability

Our expertise in environmental management sets us apart, offering unparalleled quality and eco-friendly practices that not only align with but also elevate your sustainability goals. Through innovative solutions, we deliver tangible environmental and business benefits, underscoring our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding expectations. Discover our story, mission, and the values that drive our pursuit of sustainability.

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We Provide Complete Environmental Solutions

LANDCO technology encompasses advanced waste treatment processes, converting biodegradable materials into clean energy, purified water, and nutrient-rich bio-fertilizers. Engineered for efficiency and sustainability, our solutions offer quantifiable business benefits, enhancing industry operations while supporting environmental objectives. Explore the technical advancements that enable the transformation of waste into valuable resources, facilitating growth and sustainable practices across sectors.

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We Collaborate with Industry Leaders

Partnering with European biogas engineering giants, Veolia, the European Space Agency, national research centers, and Xircus Web3 Protocol, we fuel innovation and set new standards in sustainable technology development.

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