Innovative Leadership

We Are the Solution for Earth and Beyond

Green Waste Solutions Trading DMCC, established in Dubai, serves as the foundational entity behind the LANDCO brand. Our mission extends from transforming waste management through our signature LANDCO technology to advancing the frontiers of space exploration.

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Visionary Outlook

We Envision a Harmonious Future

Our vision is a future where technology and nature exist in harmony. Dedicated to ecological restoration and interstellar innovation, GWST leverages cutting-edge technologies to rejuvenate our planet and pioneer sustainable space solutions.

Who We Are

We Drive Cleantech Innovation

LANDCO brand stands as a pioneering force in cleantech since 2005, leading the way in innovative waste treatment solutions. As a corporate structure based in Dubai, Green Waste Solutions Trading (GWST) specializes in transforming organic waste into vital resources Рenergy, clean water, bio-fertilizers, and oxygen. Our commitment to the circular economy and environmental stewardship defines our operations, creating a sustainable legacy that extends from Earth to the cosmos. Under the visionary leadership of André Holzer, GWST excels in environmental innovation, cultivating a culture of breakthroughs that propels our mission for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Strategic Partnerships

We Are Committed to Sustainability

Through strategic collaborations with industry giants like Veolia, the European Space Agency, national research centers, and Xircus Web3 Protocol, we forge a collaborative strength that keeps us at the technological forefront. These partnerships enhance our capabilities in waste management and renewable energy solutions.
In our commitment to driving sustainable solutions, our approach encompasses comprehensive assessments, meticulous planning, and the design and construction of biogas plants. We certify our bio-fertilizers and invest in carbon credit initiatives, underpinning our dedication to global sustainability efforts.

our journey

From the Green of Our Planet to the Vastness of Space

Discover the intersection of environmental innovation, space exploration, and sustainable solutions through our diverse ventures. Explore LANDCO Eco for pioneering waste solutions, Mars Revolution Group for cutting-edge space technologies, and LANDCO Space for innovations beyond Earth.

Sustainable Future

We Invite You to Join Our Mission

Engage with GWST to explore innovative solutions and partake in our journey towards a sustainable future.